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வாசிப்போம் நேசிப்போம்

வாசிப்போம் நேசிப்போம்

Let us Read and Love Reading is a mass programme of SALIS to promote the awareness about the importance of Reading Habit.

வாசிப்போம் நேசிப்போம்

SALIS, Puthiathalaimurai Mandram of Puthiathalaimurai with the active support of B.S.Abdur Rahman University, Chennai organized a Rally at Chennai, Coimbaotre, Erode, Tiruchi, Tirunelveli and Pondicherry on 15th November 2015 between 3.00 PM and 6.00 PM.

About 8500 students from schools, colleges and universities and also about another 4000 LIS professionals, teachers, children and general public participated in the RALLY.

Ministers, Several IAS and IPS officers, Vice-chancellors, College and Schools Principals, Film and media personalities, educationists, Social workers, NGO’S, writers, poets, speakers, etc were participated in all the seven cities and spoke about the importance of ‘READING HABIT’, ‘Why we should use Library’ and also about the RALLY.

Link of the Live Telecast is given below:



https://docs.google.com/file/d/0By9mWCPa18iBekdMVHZOUFphNEE/edit?usp=drive_web Photographs taken during the Rally

https://plus.google.com/ photos/111317988228943130667/ albums/6088197434503150865? banner=pwa&authkey=CMLO_4- y7fLKvAE


About 1000 students, professionals taken the following oath during the Rally.

Reading Oath of SALIS

I am aware that reading maketh a full man, expands one’ skill, knowledge, wisdom and is also essential for the betterment of life.
As an educated individual in the society of India, I commit that I shall read and make others around me especially children to read at least one hour in a day and at least one book in a month.
I assure that I will present books as gift and also urge others to do so.
I shall work to spread this message with young students and parents to create a knowledge society.

Reading Habit

Reading is the most expected and welcoming habit among our children. It is the moral responsibility of not only the government but also educational institution, association, organization, NGO, Corporate Body, industry, Media, Press, and so on to promote and cultivate the reading habit and also the habit of using the library regularly. Reading will expand the knowledge base and help for the holistic development in life. By developing this habit, children and students will spend their time fruitfully for their own development without much deviation.

Importance of Reading

Benefits of reading are enormous and every scientific study has proved it.
Here are the few:
– Sharpens the thought process, increases the attention, thinking and understanding.
– Broadens the sphere of experience and knowledge Change in attitude, develop skills, aids in personal and social adjustment
– Triggers the imagination and improves the vocabulary and language.
– At bedtime helps to build strong bonding of parents with the child.
– The individual who reads well has at his command a means for widening his mental horizons and for multiplying his opportunities.
– Personality is continuously modified through reading. Reading aids in developing a rich and stable personality.
– Reading is an important activity in the process of learning.
– Research from Stanford Centre for cognitive Neurobiology revealed that critical reading activated prefrontal cortex which is responsible for executive function

Read Today Lead Tomorrow

Let us join together to promote the READING HABIT