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SALIS  has opened regional chapters at the following cities with the basic aim of providing services with a regional perspective as well as to meet regional aspirations of its members. It is also contemplating to open a few more regional chapters in the years to come.


Tirunelveli (22nd March 2003)

Dr.K.Murugan, University V.O.C. College of Engineering Thoothukudi

Vice Chairman
Dr. A. Muthukrishnan, Librarian, District Central Library, Palayamkottai
Shri. K. Mutharasan, Librarian, Pope’s College, Sawyerpuram, Thoothukudi

Dr. T. Raja, Librarian, St.Xavier’s College of Education (Autonomous), Palayamkottai

Joint Secretary
Ms. Vijayalakshmi, Sarada College for Women, Tirunelveli
Shri. N. Selvaganapathy, Librarian, Pioneer Kumarasamy College, Nagercoil

Dr.S. Saravanan, Librarian, V V College of Engineering, Tisayanvilai,

Public Relation Officer
Shri. M.S.M.Mohideen, Librarian, National College of Engineering,Maruthakulam,Tirunelveli

Executive Committee Members

1. Shri. N. Somasundaram, Scientific Officer, HWP, Thoothukudi

2. Dr. S. Ramesh, Library Assistant , M.S. University, Tirunelveli

3. Mrs. A. Rani, Librarian, Sarada College of Education, Tirunelveli

4. Mrs. S. Unnamalai, Librarian, Govindammal Aditanar College for Women, Tiruchendur

5. Shri. M. Siva , Asst.Librarian, MIET Engineering College, Nagercoil

6. Shri. T.Sundararajan , Library Asst (S.G), Agricultural College, Killikulam,Tirunelveli

7. Shri. P.Mariappan , Librarian, District Central Library, Tirunelveli

8. Mrs. V. Shanmuga Ganapathy, Library Asst, Dr.Sivanthi Aditanar Teacher Training Institute, Tiruchendur

9. Shri. J. Moses Dayan, Librarian, Chandy Polytechnic College, Thoothukudi