SALIS  has opened regional chapters at the following cities with the basic aim of providing services with a regional perspective as well as to meet regional aspirations of its members. It is also contemplating to open a few more regional chapters in the years to come.

Chennai Chapter ( 3rd March 2002)


Dr. Sakthi Rekha
Dr. Panneerselvam
Mr. A.Sankaran


Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram, Connemara Public Library

Vice Chairpersons

Mrs. K. Indumathi, Librarian, Anna Adarsh College, Chennai
Mrs. Esther Hemalatha, Hindutan College of Arts and Science, Chennai


Mr. A. Joseph Anburaj – KG College of Technology. Chennai

Joint Secretaries

Mrs. R. Sophia, Librarian, Meston College of Education, Chennai
Mrs. B. Srilakshmi, Sir Thiagarajar College, Chennai



Mr. V. Radhakrishnan, SBI Global, Chennai

EC Members

Dr. Kamatchi, Librarian and Information Officer, ACL.
Mr.S. Manikandan, Librarian and Information Asst, ACL.
Mr. Arikrishnan, Librarian and Information Asst, ACL.
Mr. Mandhiramoorthy, Anna Centenary Library, Chennai.
Mr. Manikandan, Anna Centenary Library, Chennai
Mrs. Meenambigai, Librarian, Patrician Arts and Science College.
Mr. Lakshmikanthan, TCS.
Mr. Mansingh, Assistant Director, Collegiate of Education.
Dr. Sumuki Padmanabhan, Librarian, Chevalier T Thomas Eliizabeth College for Women.
Mrs. Lalitha, Village Librarian, Tamilnadu Public Libraries.
Dr. G. Krishnamoorthi, Librarian, Anna University.
Dr. G Rathinasabapathy, Deputy Librarian, TANUVAS.
Dr. S.K. Asok Kumar, Deputy Librarian, Tamilnadu Law University.